Why do I see white dots on my print?

You’ll find white dots on the sublimated side when 'something' blocks the inks from transferring to the surface. 

Usually, dust is the culprit. That's why it is important to have a clean working environment. Cleanliness is the key word here.

To prevent white dots on your sublimated panels, you can take the below precautions. You should clean your work area every week, to avoid this kind of issues.

  • Don’t peel the protective film on the panel until you are ready to sublimate
  • Wipe down your panel and transfer paper with a soft, clean, dry cloth right before sublimation
  • Use compressed or canned air to blow any excess dust from the panel and transfer paper
  • After you have pressed your image into the panel, look at the used transfer paper to easily identify and troubleshoot errors in sublimation. Any white dots or un-sublimated dyes left on the panel will be visible on the transfer paper
  • Avoid pointing your air conditioner vent towards your preparation table 

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