Do I need to laminate or varnish my panel after production?

Our substrates are ready to use after the sublimation process. There is no need for lamination, varnish, or protective glass.


When the ChromaLuxe or Unisub panels cooled after the sublimation process, the surface is tough, robust, and resistant to scratches. That means there is no need to add a varnish on top of your image. If you use the white gloss ChromaLuxe panels, the gloss will be much better than any varnish layer. Glass protection is not required either.

Lamination No 1


Other photo fine art print methods are forced to use lamination on top of their substrates, to protect them from harmful UV and common atmospheric pollutants such as cleaning solution vapors, tobacco smoke, ozone, and hydrocarbons, just to name a few. 

Lamination No 2

As ChromaLuxe is a finished product after the sublimation process, you don't need to invest in an expensive lamination machine. With ChromaLuxe you also have no more "orange peel" effect, air bubbles or downtime due to the settling time of the glue on lamination foils. 


As ChromaLuxe panels don't need a lamination foil that goes on top of the print, you don't have the risk that corners will curl up because of heat or humidity. Even when used outside, the print will stay intact.

Certainly outside this is a common problem of other printing solutions on the market.


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