How long must paper prints dry before sublimation?

Your prints must be 100% dry before you start to sublimate !

The time required will depend on the type of paper and how much ink has been applied. Large areas of black will take longer to dry.

As a general rule, we recommend that the prints should dry for at least 15 minutes for A3 prints (size 11-3/4" x 16-1/2" or smaller) and 30 minutes for A2 prints (size 16-1/2" x 23-3/8" and larger).


Do not heat the paper prints to accelerate the drying and do not place them on top of your heat press or any heat element. You can only speed up the drying by blowing fresh air on it. 


  • Collect all your images during the day and print at the end of the day. Dry everything during the night and sublimate the next morning.
  • You can print today and sublimate tomorrow. Use your prints within 1 week after printing. Store them in a dark area where you don't have any fluctuations in humidity or temperature.

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