Why is the correct ink so important for my output? 

To have optimum output, you need to use the correct ink.

Every printer has its own recommended ink set that is perfectly suited for our products. Always follow the advice of the ink resellers to obtain perfect quality. 

Always verify the expiration dates of your inks, as sublimation inks react with heat in your heat press.

Correct Ink Horizontal


UltraChrome DS nK 
Inks for the Epson SureColor F-series printers have been developed for perfect photographic reproduction on ChromaLuxe and Unisub panels. This unique 4-color ink set delivers subtle color tones and neutral blacks. 

UltraChrome DS hdK
Inks for the SureColor printers were developed for printing textiles and use a different Black ink. It will work with ChromaLuxe and Unisub panels, but the results may not be quite so good. You will notice that your output contains more grain when using the hdK inks.

  • CMYK Ink Configuration (4 color)
  • UltraChrome DS inks are only available in 1L refill packs
  • Always wear protective eyewear and rubber gloves when refilling
  • Always shake the bag for 10 minutes before you put the ink in the machine


SubliJet IQ Pro Photo inks:
SubliJet IQ Pro Photo for Epson Stylus Pro 7890 and 9890 has been optimized for high definition photographic reproduction on ChromaLuxe and other photographic panels. This unique 8-color ink set delivers subtle skin tones, fine gradations, and high contrast blacks.

  • CMYK, LC, LM, LK, LLK Ink Configuration (8 color)
  • SubliJet IQ Pro Photo inks are only available in 350ml cartridges
  • Always shake the cartridges for 10 minutes before you put the ink in the machine

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