How do I clean my ChromaLuxe and Unisub panels ?

Unlike other photo print media, ChromaLuxe and Unisub products are easy to clean. Carefully read our below recommendations to know how to clean our products.

Regular & Preprocess cleaning:

Use a non-abrasive cleaning fluid, such as PURE or DENATURED ETHANOL. Those fluids can be sprayed directly on the (cold)  surface of the item, and then wiped clean with a SOFT DRY MICRO FIBER CLOTH. Ethanol is recommended as it will not leave any traces after wiping your panel. 

Fsg Plus
We do not recommend the use of window cleaner fluid as a cleaning solution, as this may require a lot of wiping and can lead to scratching. Always wait until the panel has been cooled down before you start to clean it.

Extreme cleaning:

You can remove permanent pen marks, paint and most substances using a stronger cleaner, like ACETONE, nail varnish remover or white spirit/turpentine fluid. Yes, our panels are that tough! Ink and the glossy surface will stay intact. Always use a SOFT DRY MICRO FIBER CLOTH.


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