What paper do I need to use to achieve optimum output? 

The paper used for sublimation printing is critical to get perfect quality and color on your Unisub and ChromaLuxe items :


If you are a desktop user, there are several brands we recommend for use with hard substrates. Desktop users can buy almost any sublimation paper that is sold by one of our distributors. We recommend reading the specifications of the printer manufacturer.

Beaver Xprint


Large format users should use one of the ChromaLuxe approved papers:

* Limited availability | obsolete end of 2021
** Coating cracking problem when sublimating XXL ChromaLuxe panels
*** Only available at US-region

Large Fs
If you need to sublimate quality sensitive ChromaLuxe panels, we advise to use the S-RACE Photo Panel Pro 120 paper from Felix Schoeller, together with our low temperature list, as this paper is made to produce (large format) aluminum panels without expansion issues and a perfect transfer of all colors. Good output on 64inch printers (large solid areas of difficult colors) may require a specialized, heavy weigh, sublimation paper.

The main recommendations for a good sublimation paper for rigid substrates are:

  • The paper must be heavy enough (more than 100 gsm) to absorb the ink volume needed for hard substrates.
  • If you experience any cockling or vertical banding (too much ink on the paper or bad machine vacuum), you can try a heavier 140 gsm paper.
  • The paper must be able to resist the expansion of the metal (otherwise it wilt create dust particles or fibers during the sublimation process).
  • It must release the inks equally during the sublimation process.
  • Always stock your paper in the same room as where your printer is located. 
  • Keep the paper dry and at room temperature.

Customers should choose a sublimation paper related to what they want to produce (consumer, e-commerce, fine-art prints). Please consult your paper supplier for more in-depth info about the possible options and differences in paper. 

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