What file settings do I need to use for preparing and saving my digital images? 

If you create digital images that need to be sublimated on a ChromaLuxe or Unisub item, you need to be sure that your file settings are correct. Read more about the necessary specs your files need to be to have the best quality ever.

Cl Print

It all started with a perfect picture. Use below settings for an optimal print result when you or a photo lab will print your ChromaLuxe or Unisub images:

  • Color Mode: RGB (yes, also use RGB to save your black/white images)
  • Color Profile: AdobeRGB 1998 / ProPhotoRGB (do not use sRGB)
  • Resolution: 300 dpi or higher (200 dpi is allowed for blow-ups. Fine art will always need 300dpi)
  • Dimensions: 100% of the final size you want to print (if your printed image will be 10x15cm, your native photoshop file need to be 10x15cm as well). However, you need a bleed around your image.
  • Image bleed: 3mm (0.1") up to 20x30cm or 8x10" - 5 mm (0.2") up to 70x100cm or 30x40" - 8 mm (0.3") up to 122x240cm or 47" x 95"
  • File format: TIFF with lzw compression, EPS or PDF without compression. JPG is not recommended.


Your color settings should be set to a minimum of AdobeRGB (1998), or a wider color range like ProPhotoRGB.

Using sRGB color is not recommended for optimum printing output. SRGB images will result in colors that are not correct, as shown in this example image.

Difference Rgb

Always save your images in the Adobe 1998 RGB Color mode. Do this also for black & white images that need to be printed. 

Do not convert your files into CMYK-mode, as the color gamut (the possible amount of colors you can print) in CMYK is considerably smaller than it is in RGB mode - as shown in the image on the left:

  • BLUE triangle = RGB Adobe1998 color gamut
  • WHITE triangle = sRGB color gamut
  • BLACK triangle = CMYK gamut

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