Your Surprise - Netherlands

- Wouter de Vries -
Business partner Your Surprise
Fulfiller - Zierikzee - NETHERLANDS

One of the largest fulfillment companies in the world. Your Surprise offers a huge range of customized gift products via a state of the art e-commerce site. 

"Customizable products are so popular"

Verton Quote

Gerbrand says, "We have been working very successfully with Universal Woods for over 10 years. As an online personalized gift company, we are using Unisub and ChromaLuxe products to enable our customers to make high quality gifts for themselves, or for their family and friends. Corporate gifts are also very popular."

"Key products for us are aluminum and hardboard products like coasters, clocks, serving trays, etc. Universal Woods introduced us to the idea of working with sublimation, especially for customization. When we introduced their products, it gave us a real boost in our turnover. We are very satisfied with the consistent high quality of the products." 


"We also did a great job in working together with the Universal Woods product development team in order to design some exciting new products that went on to become very popular. 

We hope to stay a solid partner with UW for many more years."


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