Wilhelm Imaging Research Results

ChromaLuxe has a WIR Display Permanence Rating of 65 years:

Many professional printing substrates used in the photographic and fine-art business are tested by the WIR institute. Wilhelm Imaging Research is an American company with expertise in the permanence of photographic and digital printing materials and is considered as a reference in the printing market. They conduct accelerated light exposure and dark aging tests to determine the comparative life expectancy of inkjet and other digitally prints.

Accelerated light fade testing provides data for predicting the image life of a color print displayed under a variety of conditions. The deterioration over time of color photographic images is characterized by overall loss of dye density (fade); shifts in color caused by unequal fading of the cyan, magenta, and yellow dyes that make up the image; changes in contrast; loss of detail; and
overall staining. 


The life of a print is affected by a variety of factors, including exposure to light, indirect or direct sunlight, temperature, humidity and other environmental elements. The combination used to create a print, including the printer, inks/dyes, transfer paper, and substrate will also affect the image stability of a print.

Although the 4-color Epson and 8-color Sawgrass inks have different dye formulations, both brands of inks proved to be well matched to the latest ChromaLuxe sublimation coating formulations, and both have achieved almost identical WIR Display Permanence Ratings.

ChromaLuxe has achieved a WIR Display Permanence Rating of 65 years for its ChromaLuxe aluminum sublimation photo panels when printed with Epson UltraChrome DS inks, and 64 years when printed with Sawgrass Sublijet-HD Pro Photo XF inks. With unprecedented resistance to surface abrasion, high humidity, atmospheric ozone, and contact with water, ChromaLuxe prints, available in sizes up to 1.25m x 2.5m, can be safely displayed without the need for framing under glass or acrylic, face-mounting, or surface laminating. When displayed, unframed prints, without glass, made with the latest generation of ChromaLuxe aluminum photo panels are far more stable and longer lasting than Kodak Endura or other current silver-halide papers. This includes silver-halide prints framed under UV-absorbing acrylic or glass or when face-mounted to UVabsorbing acrylic.

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