Are your products suitable for outdoor use?

ChromaLuxe EXT panels distinguish themselves in the market of custom panels as a product that can be used outdoors in any climate and under extreme weather conditions. Excessive sunlight, humid environments, heat or cold have virtually no influence on the panels. The perfect solution for outdoor signage panels.

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ChromaLuxe EXT (extended life) aluminum panels will allow you to produce the lasting, vibrant colors you expect from our indoor ChromaLuxe solution, with increased UV resistance. We expect the colors to withstand the elements for five years* or even more (with approved ink sets).

ChromaLuxe EXT panels are used to create stunning wall art, museum displays, tabletops, signage and much more. 

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The ChromaLuxe EXT UV-resistant finish provides the same dynamic image quality as the traditional ChromaLuxe panels, is equally easy to clean and resistant to graffiti, permanent markers, scratches and chemicals.

While photo reproduction is a favorite application, ChromaLuxe EXT can also be used for branded logo work, directional and informational signage, menu boards, cabinetry, wall covering and more.

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Our FRP products can be used outside as they are totally waterproof, but will be not as UV resistant as the EXT materials. 

It is not recommended to use any wood product outside long term because of potential humidity damage.

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