Time and temperatures list for large format products

Download the correct time table to understand how to sublimate large format panels on your heat press. 

Attention: there is a subdivision in terms of both the substrate you want to sublimate, the type of heat press you use and the type of quality you need. If you need more info for your specific application, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a time tables for:

  • Metal panels (with a Gloss / Semi-gloss / Matte finish)  
  • Metal panels (with a Textured finish) 
  • Wood panels (with a Gloss / Semi-gloss / Matte finish)
Use the 'Metal table' to sublimate Aluminum and Steel. Use the 'Wood table' to sublimate MDF and Hardboard. Times are equal if you sublimate gloss, semi-gloss or matte panels.

To achieve the best quality when producing ChromaLuxe panels, you need to use the correct time, temperature and applied pressure. Be aware that the provided times are only a reference. If you use another heat press, inks, transfer paper or color profile, you probably need to adjust the time. Time may vary based on used equipment.

Sublimation Press


If you need to produce fine-art panels or if you need to produce big signage panels or whiteboards, that contains small text or graphics, you should use our lower temperatures (175°C/345°F) timetable. Our low temperature timetable will give you sharper output, less ghosting issues, crispy black texts and a stable white point. Attention: using lower temperatures means longer production times. 

Fineartlab Usa

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