Fine Art Photo Lab Colorfields - Belgium

- Stephane Luyten -
Owner fine art photo lab
Colorfields - Brussels - BELGIUM
Looking for something new to help grow his business, he was one of the first to install a ChromaLuxe workflow system when the product became available in Europe. 
"Clients need to feel the WOW-effect"
Colorfields is a certified ChromaLuxe lab
Colorfields Reception

Stephane says : « I’ve  discovered ChromaLuxe just before entering the photography business late 2017, when I bought the lab from the founder, Jean-Jacques Micheli. The long strong history and collaboration with the ChromaLuxe brand together with the potential of expansion was a major argument in my decision to become the new owner of the Lab.  Our growing sublimation activity represents nowadays more than 60% of our turnover. »

“As it was a new product in Europe, artists and photographers were keen to try it. With its high quality, vibrancy and luminosity it competes with the acrylic Diasec prints, which had previously been the market standard. ChromaLuxe has none of the disadvantages of acrylic face-mount prints which attract dust, are easily scratched, heavy and too reflective.”

Jjm Voorbeeld

Colorfields - Fine Art Printing has become one of the leading fine art printers in Europe, setting new standards in quality and performance. They currently print up to 1m20 x 2m40 (48 x 96 inch). They offer a wide range of solutions, like scanning, retouching, photo framing, installation, and much more.

Jjm Art

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