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New to sublimation

Let us introduce you to the basics of sublimation: how does it works and what do you need to start up your own business. Read & learn how to produce your own ChromaLuxe and Unisub products.

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the frequently asked questions section for large format users. Browse through the list of questions and find the answer you always wanted to know.

Production tips & tricks

Learn how to sublimate your ChromaLuxe panels step by step. Read printer tips, find correct sublimation times, heat press temperatures and many more useful information.

Pre & Post Processing

Small format sublimation

This section is for people that want to produce small to midsize items on a desktop printer. Discover our collection of product tip sheets, FAQ's and short hands-on instruction videos.

Large format sublimation

Learn how to produce top quality large format ChromaLuxe panels. Understand how to configure your RIP software, apply color management, configure your printer and setup your large format heat press. FAQ’s, tips & tricks and many videos will help answer all your sublimation questions.

Set up your printer, RIP software and heat press

Below are short instructions to set up your printer and software to produce large format items. If you need instructions for your desktop printer & heat press, please visit the small format section.


Use our hands-on videos to learn how to use ChromaLuxe sublimation products. Get trained by our professional sublimation specialists and become a pro.

Customer success stories in sublimation

See how Unisub & ChromaLuxe have worked for some of our top clients.

How to produce our products ?

Learn how to sublimate our products step by step. All tipsheets do include a list of materials, sublimation times and heat press temperatures. Scroll down to find the product you want to produce.

It all starts with a good printer, a heat press and software

Below is a list of popular desktop solutions, to produce small to midsize format Unisub or ChromaLuxe products. If you want to produce bigger items, visit the large format section.

Metal Wall Clocks

Read our helpful tipsheet to learn more how to produce and sublimate our Metal Wall Clocks.

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