Start up a large format sublimation business

Setting up a large sublimation business is easy when you are already producing other large format prints. The technology is simple to understand, easy to implement and fast to learn.

This section is aimed at users who want to produce profitable products, such as:

  • online fulfillers 
  • large format printers
  • photo labs
  • fine art labs
  • customizable gift producers

Large format sublimation producers can be printers and gift fulfillment companies who want to add an exciting new range of profitable products. It can also be photo or fine art labs who want to add ChromaLuxe fine art printing to their offering, up to 122x244cm (4x8 sq.ft.).

Depending on the sizes you want to produce, the total cost of investment can be as low as $15,000 (€15.000), and probably no more than $65,000 (€65,000). Our worldwide sales team can advise on exactly what you need. It will depend on the volume you produce, turnaround times, etc.

Ask our sales representatives to calculate your ROI. You will be surprised how quickly you can return your investment.


  • A large format sublimation printer (24"/44"/64" - 4/6/8 colors)
  • Sublimation transfer paper on rolls & sublimation inks
  • A professional pneumatic heat press (380V - 3 Phase)
  • A professional air compressor
  • A PC or Mac + software RIP (Wasatch, Ergosoft, ...)
  • Graphic software (Illustrator, Photoshop, ...)
  • Heat tape & heat gloves
  • Cleaning Fluid & cleaning cloth
  • Blank Unisub & ChromaLuxe items
  • Sufficient place to put the heat press and printer

Big Items

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