Unique Imaging Concepts Inc. - USA

- Dan Rutledge -
CEO of a full service sublimation lab
Unique Imaging Concepts - Kentucky USA

A company specializing in fine art reproductions as well as art and photography used in commercial installations, exhibitions and museums.

"Our relationship with ChromaLuxe is just amazing"

Dan Quote

Unique Imaging Concepts has been working with Universal Woods for 15 years, and 100% of their business is sublimation printing. They do not make regular inkjet or photo paper prints. They use everything that Universal Woods makes, both Unisub and ChromaLuxe. Their core products are ChromaLuxe aluminum and ChromaLuxe MDF panels.

Dan Rutledge says: “The Unisub material was originally what we used since that was all Universal Woods was making at that time. Once they started producing the ChromaLuxe material we naturally switched over to that product. Starting a business was very scary, but with the quality products produced by Universal Woods, the fine people there to work with and the partnership that we created together, it made the journey exciting and successful.”

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