Which RIP applications can I use to print ChromaLuxe?

We support currently two RIP applications that meet the special requirements for sublimation of hard substrate materials like ChromaLuxe and Unisub.

Wasatch SoftRIP

Wasatch SoftRIP is sophisticated RIP software made easy. With simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls, SoftRIP saves you time and money while producing excellent panels. With SoftRIP, you don't need to be an expert to print like one. No matter how large or complex your production environment, SoftRIP has the tools you need.

In the past, most countries did bundle the Epson SC-F printers with this free RIP software. As this is not the case anymore, you need to buy a license to have the best possible results on ChromaLuxe or Unisub. Contact us for more information.

More info: www.wasatch.com
Click here for installation instructions.


Ergosoft RIP

Developed by ErgoSoft AG, ErgoSoft RIP brings the highest productivity, quality control and a broad variety of color, production controlling and automation tools to your printing facility. Combining all the benefits of ErgoSoft TexPrint, PosterPrint and StudioPrint, ErgoSoft RIP is one strong solution addressing all the different applications in the wide-ranging market of digital printing and RIP Software.

More info: www.ergosoft.net


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