When do I need to refill the ink tanks of my Epson SureColor F-series printer? 

Read below tips to know when to refill the inks in your Epson SureColor F-series

Epson does recommend refilling when the tanks are still 15% full. Do not add ink to your ink tanks when the printer is giving you the first 'ink-almost-empty' warning, because you will not be able to add the full 1000ml into the tank. Ignore the warning, mark your ink tanks with an additional stroke (orange lines on the image) and add ink when your ink is below this mark.


Do not wait until the tanks are empty, because this can cause damage and problems with the ink delivery system. As the Epson printers are very economical, you still can print many square meters. We suggest refilling the tanks when the level has subsided to 2,5cm (1inch) from the bottom level.

F6200 Ink

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