Why does my print look wavy?

Usually, trapped moisture causes wavy prints.

Any moisture held inside the product during the heat press process becomes steam that tries to escape and leaves the final print with a “wavy” appearance.

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Avoid wavy prints by using Poly Fabric to prevent moisture. Start by using a Nomex pad, blowout paper, blank product (face up), printed transfer (face down and taped to product), blowout paper and Poly Fabric to top it off.

On some specific occasions, you may need to preheat the panel to get rid of extra moisture. Try it two ways:

  • Leave the heat press open, and place your panel in the heat press with a clean sheet of blowout paper and no transfer for one to two minutes. We recommend only preheating MDF and hardboard because they hold more moisture than other substrates.
  • You may need to preheat the transfer paper. Leave the heat press open and place the un-sublimated transfer paper under the heat platen for one to two minutes.  Make sure that the hot plate doesn’t come into direct contact with your transfer.

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