How to install the Wasatch SoftRIP application

Find below the installation & startup procedure to install the Wasatch SoftRIP application on your PC.



Since Wasatch version 7.8, all imaging configurations (ICC profiles) are integrated directly into the application. Click here to understand, how to install the cloud ICC profiles.


If you have a Wasatch application, prior to version 7.8, you can still use our old imaging configurations. You can find installation instructions here.

GOOD TO KNOW: read below tips, before you start the installation

  • Please be sure your PC fits the minimum Wasatch system requirements
  • Do not plug the dongle in your PC before the installer asks you to do this. 
  • Never unplug the dongle when the software is running. 
  • Do not install the software on a Mac. Wasatch only runs on Windows 7, 8 or 10.
  • It is highly recommended that prior to installing any new versions or updates, you first make a backup copy of your existing SoftRIP folder. 
  • Run the application as 'administrator' and deactivate your anti-virus software to scan the C:\wwrip78 folder.
  • Deactivate the auto-sleep mode on your PC.
  • Always use printers connected by a network (and give your printer a fixed IP address).

STEP 1: Obtain your Wasatch registration codes

  • Download the Wasatch version you received with your printer, launch the installer and follow the registration process.
  • Enter your hardware key & dongle serial number and the activation codes will be mailed to you. The codes not only activate your software, but it also initiates your 6 months service contract (included for free in your license).

STEP 2: Install the software

  • Go to to download the latest build of the Wasatch SoftRIP. The version and build are important to let work the pre-defined image configurations flawlessly.
  • After WasatchSoftRIP. exe has downloaded, double-click to start the installation.
  • On the first screen, Wasatch SoftRIP Extractor/ Installer, click Install. By clicking Install, the files will be extracted to the Wtemp folder. 
  • On the second screen, read the End User License Agreement. Check the box stating you have read the agreement. Click Accept to continue.
  • On the third screen, choose a language for the installation process.
  • On the fourth screen, install the dongle driver if it has not already been installed. Once the dongle driver has been installed, click Install SoftRIP.
  • On the fifth screen, place a check mark next to the different languages you would like Wasatch SoftRIP to be able to run. Click Next to continue.
  • On the sixth screen, choose a destination drive and folder for installation. It is generally recommended that you install on the largest drive available (C:, D:, E:, etc.). For example, if the E: drive is the largest on your system, it is recommended that you install into the E:\wwrip(#) folder. Click Finish to continue. If you are updating an existing installation in the same folder, a warning message will appear stating you are updating an existing installation and a backup to a previous version of Wasatch SoftRIP is recommended.
  • On the seventh screen, enter your registration codes into the Register window. Enter the application code in the top line of the window and any special codes beneath it. Wasatch SoftRIP will not download unless proper registration codes are entered. 
  • If you know what output device you will be driving, you will probably want to install the imaging configurations for that printer now. Visit our Download Center to install the Wasatch settings you need.

If you are experiencing difficulties installing the Wasatch software or obtaining the activation codes, contact your local Wasatch representative. 

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