How to install the ChromaLuxe cloud profiles

We have for most popular sublimation printers, a dedicated ChromaLuxe profile available, ready to be used in the Wasatch SoftRIP application.

Icc Cloud

Wasatch Cloud configurations can be used into the Wasatch SoftRIP application by clicking on the integrated DOWNLOAD-button. This functionality is available from version 7.8. If you use an older version of Wasatch, you need to upgrade your software to version 7.8 (contact us if you would like to receive a quotation).


STEP 1 - Upgrade your SoftRIP application
ChromaLuxe cloud configurations are available from Wasatch version 7.8. If you would like to try-out this software, we can offer you a 30-days trial version for $80 / €70. If you need to upgrade your Wasatch license, contact us, so we can send you a quotation and installation instructions.


STEP 2 - Download and install the software
First, download the latest version of Wasatch SoftRIP, and install this software on your PC. You can download the latest version here.

Attention: Wasatch SoftRIP only does run on a Windows PC (or on Mac with emulation software).

Install Wasatch Soft

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