Time and temperatures list for large format products

Download the correct time table to understand how to sublimate our large format sheets. Attention: there is a subdivision in terms of both the product and type of heat press used. If you need more info for your specific application, do not hesitate to contact us.

To achieve the best quality when producing ChromaLuxe panels, you need to know the correct time, temperature and applied pressure. Download the calculation table for metal or wooden panels, to know the correct time to sublimate your specific panel. You can find the tables in the download section of this page.

Heatpress Sample


If you need to produce fine-art panels or if you need to produce big signage panels (that contains small text or graphics), you should use the LOW TEMP table. This table is based on lower temperatures. Benefits of using lower temperatures (175°C/345°F) are sharper output, less ghosting effects and a stable white point.

Chromaluxe Big

Above lists are valid if you need to produce large size panels. Click here if you are in search of the times & temperature list for smaller products (such as the Unisub gift-items).

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