Add a sub-frame to your ChromaLuxe panel

Subframes are a beautiful, easy and professional way to present and hang your ChromaLuxe panel on a wall

Add depth and rigidity by attaching an aluminum subframe to the back of the panel. Adding a subframe will give your ChromaLuxe panel another dimension. We advice to use a subframe when the panel is A3 size (12x16 inch) or larger to avoid any bowing.

Subframes are very simple to assemble and fit. A subframe profile is used to make a frame that is slightly smaller than the printed panel to allow a reasonable border. Mitered pieces are joined using a subframe kit and stuck to the back of the printed panel with heavy duty bonding tape. Hangers are then fitted to the frame.

Lion Subframe

Subframes do exist in multiple variations: 8mm, 15mm and 25mm. They are glued to the panel with double-sided tape. Watch below video to understand how to assemble them.

IMPORTANT TIP: Degrease the back of the aluminum panel with isopropanol (min 70%) before you apply the tape to the back of the ChromaLuxe panel. Dust, fingerprints, smudges and/or oily residue of any kind can significantly reduce the ability of the tape to stick. The cleaned panel needs to be dry before applying the subframe. Press firmly on the subframe during 5 seconds to let the tape bond to the panel.


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