How long will my ChromaLuxe prints last?

ChromaLuxe is designed for indoor use, in normal habitable conditions. In this situation, they will last a lifetime!

If you are searching for information about our outdoor materials, click here.

ChromaLuxe metal prints were tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research and achieved a permanence rating of more than 64 years using two distinct Epson and Sawgrass ink sets. The results are without any glass in front of the panel.

You can read more about the Wilhelm Color Permanence results on our WIR page.


Our panels also achieved an equivalence rating of 6 on the Bluewool scale (EN ISO105) which qualifies them as meeting the Fine Art Trade Guild's digital print standards, and thus for the Guild's highly respected ArtSure program.

You can read more about the ArtSure Program on this page.

Art Sure

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