How can I clean blocked nozzles on the Epson 7890/9890? 

Follow this to start the cleaning procedure on the Epson Stylus Pro:

  1. Click on the MENU button next to the display of your device
  2. Scroll down and select MAINTENANCE
  3. Scroll down and select CLEANING
  4. Select NORMAL CLEANING to start the normal cleaning
  5. Select POWER CLEANING to start a power cleaning (only do this after you did already 4 normal cleanings)
  6. Select CLEAN COLOR PAIRS to clean one section of the print head (this saves loss of ink)
  7. After the cleaning procedure, please perform a new nozzle test print to check if everything is OK
Nozzles Check

We recommend doing a cleaning from the moment you have blocked nozzles. Even when you don't have to print that day, we do recommend checking the nozzles and do a cleaning if necessary every day.

Be sure you always have a spare maintenance tank in stock. The cleaning procedure will fill the maintenance tank and when it's full, you need to be able to replace it. You can order this maintenance tank at your local Epson dealer.

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