How can I perform a nozzle check on the Epson SureColor F-6xxx Series Printer? 

Follow this procedure to do a nozzle check print on the Epson SureColor F-6000 series printers - F6000, F6100 and F6200

  1. Click on the right arrow button and select the SERVICE MENU and press the OK button
  2. Select NOZZLE CHECK and press the OK button
  3. Press again on the OK button
  4. The printer will now print the nozzle check print
  5. Press EXIT if the nozzle check print is OK
  6. Select HEAD CLEANING if the nozzle check print is not OK
  7. Select ALL NOZZLES to clean them all or choose SELECTED NOZZLES to clean them by pairs

Be sure that all nozzles are clean. Only one blocked nozzle can give you bad output (see image below). We recommend doing this nozzle check every morning before you start to print on your Epson SureColor F-6xxx Series. Even when you don't have to print that day, we do recommend checking the nozzles every day.

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