Why do we not have white inks in sublimation?

Prints are made using 4 or 8 ink colors (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black) which will produce together all the colors in the same way as a regular pigment inkjet printer printing onto white paper.

The coating which we apply to our panels is white. Therefore, any areas without color will show as white. As sublimation inks are water-based and do not contain any pigments, there are no white inks available.

We do also offer a clear coating on our aluminum panels and natural wood MDF products. This offers a special effect, allowing the bare metal or natural wood to show through in areas of the image where normally you would see white or highlights. This special effect can look very good with certain images, especially those with large areas of white.

White Ink Horizontal

The difference in color reflection (Gloss / Semi-Gloss / Matte) is also related to the coating we have applied. That means that the base material already has a certain finish, so no need to varnish or laminate after the printing process. The result is a ready to use product directly after the printing process.

Gloss Matte

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