Which Epson Ink Set Should I Use?

Epson sells two different ink sets for sublimation: HDK and NK blacks. Check with your local Epson reseller to find out which inks are available in your country.

Epson Ink Sets

All SureColor F-series sublimation printers in North and South America are delivered with HDK Black inks, which have been created  for use with both textiles and rigid surfaces to help produce deep, neutral blacks and dense shadows.

In all other countries, Epson offers an additional ink set, the Normal Black (NK) ink. These inks, if available in your country, also provide high-quality photographic results on rigid surfaces and will produce deep, neutral blacks and dense shadows.

If you only have one printer and need to print on both textiles and rigid substrates, and you have a choice of HDK or NK inks, you will need to make a decision based on what you are printing on the most (textiles or hard surfaces). 

NK inks not available in: North America, Latin America, Canada, India, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and all other Asian countries

NK & HDK inks available in: Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Japan

Not all Epson F-series printers are able to use NK inks. Check with your local Epson reseller if this is possible for your device.

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