What is the maximum size of a ChromaLuxe panel ?

We have a wide range of pre-cut sizes and different shapes, but we also sell sheet stock material to make your own cut-to-size panels

Sheet stock dimensions are:

  • Full sheets
    = 122cm x 244cm / 48" x 96"
  • Half sheets
    = 122cm x 122cm / 48" x 48"
  • Quarter sheets
    = 60cm x 122cm / 24" x 48"
Fullsheet Base

Sheet stock is available for:

  • Aluminum
  • MDF
  • Hardboard
  • Natural Wood 
  • FRP 

Consult our product catalog for more info.

Sizes Sheets

We also have a wide range of already pre-cut sizes and shapes. Download our catalog to discover all available items in your country. Contact your sales representative for more info on prices and quantities.


All our full, half and quarter sheets are slightly larger than specified in the price-list, due to variations in material. This means that all sheet stock needs cutting to size. Check our cutting section how to cut our sheets in a perfect way. 


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