What are the correct settings for sublimating your products?

Consult our tables for details on each product. But here are the key factors.

Multiple factors can give different output when you try to sublimate one of our products. Be aware that room conditions like humidity, temperature, and even the altitude can produce different output. The brand and type of heat press is also an important factor in the sublimation process.

Settings Horizontal


Heat must be distributed equally all over the aluminum heating plate of your heat press. This equal distribution is critical if you start to sublimate large format ChromaLuxe panels.

Pressure must be distributed equally all over the aluminum plate. This pressure needs to be adjustable and measurable. Your heat press must have an indicator of how many PSI (or bar) you use.

Your time must be set correctly to have optimum output.

The humidity in your room must be between 40% and 60% (50% is optimum).

The temperature in your room must be between 20°C and 30°C (65°F and 85°F).

All settings are made on sea level (zero meter height). If you are in a higher altitude area, the sublimation process will go faster and you may need to lower the time.

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