How do I make sure my print covers the entire surface of the product?

Make sure to add a bleed to your printed image. (Adding a bleed ensures that the printed transfer is larger than the panel, so the image completely covers the panel). A bleed will leave about a .25 inch / 5 mm space around the panel on smaller products.

For example, if you’re sublimating an 8”x10” / 20 x 25 cm ChromaLuxe panel, you should print your image at a size of 8.25”x10.25” / 20.5 x 25.5 cm.  Most products will have an online downloadable template that will already include the appropriate amount of bleed.  

Bleed Horizontal

You can download templates at, by searching for the product number or name. If you choose to use a template, make sure that text and all other important aspects of your image stay within your “live” area and do not extend into the bleed.

To Be Replaced

If you are pressing large ChromaLuxe panels (larger than a 16”x20” / 40 x 50 cm) you will need to extend the bleed to compensate for the panel’s expansion in the heat press. For larger metal prints, MDF photo panels or plaques, we generally add up to a 0.5 inch / 12mm bleed to the original size of the transfer image.

For Natural Wood Prints or Natural Wood Picture Frames, the bleed will need to be much smaller to keep the dyes from appearing on the sides of the product. For these items, add only a .1″ bleed around all sides, and use a neutral wood color around the outline of the image. Wrap and tape the transfer paper around the edges when pressing.

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